Like many small independent production companies, we're passionate about developing engaging formats for the small screen, be that TV, computers, tablets or mobile phones.

With this aim, we’ve worked with a range of styles, genres and niches from children’s tv, teenage dramas, guitar based music shows to travel, cooking and gardening.

Supplying content to broadcasters, and bringing entertainment to online audiences is our primary goal as a business, and we are always looking for new ideas, characters and concepts to help us do that.

Chat to us about broadcast programming

  • Entertainment

    Television is meant to document, inform, provoke and teach, but above all it must always entertain, and we dedicate much of our time, thinking of different ways to do just that.

  • Drama

    Everyone loves a bit of drama. Being one of the most watched genre’s on TV today, we are just as mad about it as everyone else. So it’s only natural that we also have experience in creating and producing a nail-biting, edge of your seat drama ourselves!

  • Animation & Kids YouTube Channels

    Animation plays a big part of our children's YouTube channels, Kidsmusicshop and Kidsmusicshop1. The Channels launched in 2010 and continue to grow with over 190k subscribers and 170 million views online.

  • Local TV - Lancashire One

    Lancashire One was probably the first online local TV channel in the UK. We started way back in 2009, but sadly took the decision to close in 2013 following the introduction of a goverment licensed UK wide Local Digital Television Programme Services.