Here at Everyonemedia Ltd we have probably produced every type of commercial video you can possibly think of. With over 30 years of digital archive and experience we have what it takes to deliver on time and on budget.

Based in Leyland near Preston we have produced a wide range of broadcast and business programmes, commercials and cross platform productions to the highest standards for some of the world’s leading brands.

  • Corporate Film

    All our videos are created for maximum impact. Every film that we produce is engaging, audience driven and the message is measurable.
    We carefully research, plan and produce films that truly engage the viewer delivering a strong message that has real impact for your target audience.

  • Awards, Conferences, Festivals & Live Events

    Everyonemedia are passionate about filming live events. Over the years these have included multi HD camera shoots for large conferences, award ceremonies, charitable functions, festivals, live music, dance and theatrical performances.

  • International

    Everyonemedia works with a number of international brands and UK brands wishing to expand into global markets.
    No matter what you create or who you want to reach, we can help you; we can work on new or existing material localising your programmes into new languages with accuracy and flair.

  • The Production Process

    Here at everyonemedia we are interested in establishing long term quality relationships with our customers. It is important that we understand our client's products and services so we can deliver the best possible outcome for their projects.