Local TV

21 Local TV channels have gone on air since November 2013 – in Grimsby, London, Norwich, Nottingham, Glasgow, Brighton, Sheffield, Belfast, Bristol ,Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle, Solent, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, Cambridge, Lancashire, and Swansea.

Broadcasting on Freeview channel 7 & 8 they are responsible for airing local content for specific regions across the country.

These channels are responsible for both providing up to date, local news coverage, and for broadcasting entertaining commercial content, relating closely to the communities where they are based.

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  • What is Local Television?

    Local TV is set to play a huge part in the shift in the make-up of mainstream television in Britain.

  • Local TV for your business

    We can offer a selection of routes for businesses to promote their brand, products and services through Local TV, from programme sponsorship, spot advertising, product placement and specialist contributors.

  • Advertiser Funded Programming

    AFP is a form of programme making that allows advertisers to play a part in the show itself, rather than to advertise around it. In recent years, we have and continue to develop series that allow businesses big and small, to attract large audiences to their products and services.

  • Productions in 2017

    Over 5 years of careful development, Everyonemedia have gathered a number of series formats designed to accommodate the rise of Local TV in the UK.