Along the way, we have met an abundance of talented people within the industry, but we're always looking for more!

Presenters, voice over artists, experts and musicians, we’ve worked with talent from all over the UK

From specialists in gardening, food, children’s entertainment and international law, to business, travel, comedy, music production, radio and voice over, we’ve been fortunate to gather confident presenters from different fields and mediums, ideal for almost any commercial, corporate or entertainment format.

Chat to us about our Talent

  • Presenters

    Presenting to you our talented TV personalities, funny, heart warming, green fingered, food enthusiasts. See our range of presenters, and find a face for your production.

  • Scriptwriting and voiceover

    Every great idea needs an equally good script to realise it in screen terms. Write Direction can give you the script your project deserves. From initial discussions to finished script, we’ll keep you in touch with the creative process.

  • Music Production

    Music to your ears, check out our musical talent, creating original, personalised compositions for your very own unique sound. No matter what the style or production.

  • Television Media Training

    In today’s world, getting your communication right is paramount. Just saying one wrong word or looking uncertain can be the kiss of death for an executive appearing on any of today’s 24 hour media channels.