What’s Happening

After a long time in the making, carefully bringing together the seasoned talents of specialists from all different walks of the industry, The Everyonemedia Ltd Consultancy Website is here!


Combining creative expertise ranging from documentary film making to video marketing, from commercial branding to cartoon animation, and from musical composition to 3D graphics, we’re able to draw on an extensive talent pool to create new and exciting content for an increasingly multi-platform generation.

And not just that…

Making us completely unique, we’ve even brought together the skills of a number of industries outside of our own.  Harnessing the talents of authors, musicians, actors, solicitors, chefs and consultants, we have created a truly multi-media, multi-platform and multi-industry team, for which we have HUGE plans.

So take a look around, and check out the site for a sense of how we got here, and a taste of what’s to come!